About Us

VISION STATEMENT: River Action strives to foster the environmental, economic, and cultural vitality of the Mississippi River and its riverfront in the Quad City region.

This vision is realized by:

  • Collaborating and partnering with people who appreciate and understand the importance of the Mississippi River and its place within the Quad Cities region.
  • Advocating for the protection and enjoyment of the Mississippi River for people within the Quad Cities region.
  • Developing and presenting programs, activities and projects that positively impact the people of the Quad Cities region and provide opportunities to enjoy the Mississippi River.
  • Educating people in the Quad Cities region about the history, environmental impact and uniqueness of the Mississippi River.
  • Respecting the natural beauty and magnificence of the Mississippi River and recognizing those people who share this respect within the Quad Cities region.


  • Establish a communications and branding policy to provide information about River Action activities, programs and events to various audiences.
  • Implement a marketing and branding plan through the marketing committee.
  • Review/update website, Facebook page and other social media outlets and explore ways in which social media can be used to enhance awareness and promotion of River Action programs.
  • Create and provide quarterly status reports on River Action activities for funders and other interested parties.
  • Review current programs, activities and events to determine value relative to the organization's mission.
  • Collect and analyze data on attendance, revenue, expenses and staff/volunteer time for producing each program, activity or event.
  • Expand collaborative relationships with educational institutions and community organizations with an emphasis on outreach to all educational levels and with the intent of engaging people of all ages.
  • Continue efforts to expand funding in support of organizational functions.
  • Implement methods for expanding corporate/business support.
  • Monitor information sources for potential federal, state and local funding opportunities.
  • Examine organizational characteristics to address long term physical and productivity needs.
  • Review office space needs, layout, technology and location.
  • Develop succession plan for replacing Executive Director.

Our Staff

Our Board of Directors

  • Brock Earnhardt, President
  • Joe Chambers, Vice President
  • Tracy Dvorak, Secretary
  • Marilynn Bartels
  • Paddy Blackman
  • Beth Clark
  • JJ Condon
  • Jennifer Garrity
  • Marshall Guth
  • Tom Hepner
  • R. Josef Hofmann, M.D.
  • Sarah Lande
  • Norm Moline, Ph.D.
  • Matt Ostrom
  • Terry Ousley
  • Kay Patterson
  • John Riches
  • James V. Standaert
  • Kirk Whalen