Meet our conference speakers

Keynote Speaker

  • Matt Rota, Senior Policy Director, Gulf Restoration Network

Luncheon Speaker

  • Dean Klinkenberg, Mississippi Valley Traveler, Journalist

Other Conference Speakers

  • Mission Possible: How Targeted Farm-Based Wetlands can Yield a Cleaner Watershed – Jill Kostel, The Wetlands Initiative
  • The Nature Conservancy’s Emiquon Project: Restoring Functional Floodplain for Nature & People – Douglas Blodgett, The Nature Conservancy
  • Framework in the Iowa Cedar Watershed – Jason T. Smith, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Brad Walker, Missouri Coalition for the Environment
  • Bethany Stich, PhD., UNO Transportation Institute
  • Dennis Wilmsmeyer, Executive Director, America’s Central Port
  • Creating the Longest Multi-Use Trail on the Planet – Greg Maxted, Harahan Bridge Project
  • Marketing the River for Tourism – Robin Shadler, Celebration River Cruises
  • Paddle Pilgrim: An Adventure of Learning and Spirit, Kayaking the Mississippi River – Dr. David Ellingson, Trinity Lutheran College
  • Establishing Watershed Programs to Address Water Quality Problems in the Mississippi River Basin – Ryan Stockwell, National Wildlife Federation
  • Reducing Phosphorus Pollution in the Yahara Watershed – Rachel Fossum, Yahara Pride Farms
  • How Cover Crops Improve the Health of My Farm – Woody Woodruff, Illinois Stewardship Alliance
  • Non-Structural and Small-Scales Solutions for Flood Risk Management and Navigation – Christine Favilla, Sierra Club
  • The Multiple Benefits of Natural and Nonstructural Solutions – Staci Williams, American Rivers
  • The Cheshire Cat was Right – Mark Gorman, Northeast-Midwest Institute
  • Leveraging Natural Assets for Community Sustainability – Rolf Thompson, National Eagle Center
  • Swimming Upstream - Why are River Issues a Tough Sell? – Reggie McLeod, Editor and Publisher, Big River Magazine
  • Bald Eagle Lead Exposure in the Upper Midwest – Ed Britton, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Battling the Dead Zone from 1,300 Miles Away – Denny Caneff, River Alliance of Wisconsin
  • An Opportunity to Conduct Floodplain Science at the Confluence of the Maquoketa and Mississippi Rivers – Ken Lubinski, U.S. Geological Survey
  • America’s Watershed Initiative: Making the Grade – Jordy Jordahl, The Nature Conservancy
  • Providing the Catalyst: Accelerating Your Project through Money, Training, Partnerships and Information – Jeff Hastings, Driftless Area Restoration Effort
  • Room for the River: Opportunities along the Mississippi River Corridor – Dr. Nicholas Pinter, Southern Illinois University
  • Twenty Years of Transformation: Saint Paul on the Mississippi – Patrick Seeb, Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation