2018 Upper Mississippi River Conference Student Summit

The Student Summit provides a unique opportunity for high-school students to engage with a broad range of professionals who work on the front lines of conservation.

2018 Student Delegate Program

Sixteen high school delegates will be chosen by application to attend the UMRC as an extension of the Student Summit. These applications will require a 350-word essay and delegates will be selected by the Student Summit Committee. Student Delegates will attend the presentations on Thursday and Friday at the Upper Mississippi River Conference. These students will get to hear from experts on climate change, geology, meteorology, hydrology, engineering, infrastructure, and conservation.

Essays will be chosen based on knowledge, interest, and creativity.

2018 Student Poster Session

The Student Poster Session is for undergraduate and graduate college students. Students who are in the progress of, or have completed, research on the ecology, planning, recreation, culture, or other similar river-related issues. This session grants these students the opportunity to share their knowledge, get feedback from professionals in their field, and network with river stakeholders.

If you need more information or if you have any questions email Noah Truesdell at ntruesdell@riveraction.org

Register to attend the 2018 Student Summit

Use this space to submit a 350-word essay for review to become a Student Delegate at the 2018 Upper Mississippi River Conference. Winning essays will be chosen based on knowledge, interest, and creativity. Though grammatical and spelling errors will not be taken into account, please be sure that your thoughts are made clear and easy to understand.