QC Environmental Film Series 2024

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QC Environmental Film Series Mission Statement

To bring inspirational and educational environmental films to our community encouraging grassroots activism in care of our planet and environmental justice.

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QC Environmental Film Series Movie line-up

At the Figge Art Museum at 3 p.m. Jan. 21 - March 3

All That Breathes

Jan. 21st - As legions of the black kite (birds of prey) fall from New Delhi’s smoke-choked skies, two dedicated brothers care for them in a makeshift bird hospital in their tiny basement. The majestic raptors are essential in controlling vermin in the urban ecosystem. All That Breathes was a 2023 Academy Award nominee for best documentary.

Last Paddle?

Jan. 28th - This inspirational and visually stunning film which chronicles the amazing lifetime journey of renowned river advocate Mark Angelo who has paddled more than 1000 rivers in well over 100 countries. This film chronicles his life-long commitment to river conservation and restoration around the globe.

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

Feb. 4th - In 1956, 23-year-old biologist, Anne Innis Dagg, made a solo journey to South Africa to become the first person to study giraffe behavior in the wild. She faced many obstacles as a female scientist. Dr. Dagg was absent from the giraffe world for 30 years, until her triumphant return which is also celebrated with a journey back to South Africa.

The Hidden Life of Trees

Feb. 18th - “Branching” off of his bestselling book, renowned forester and writer Peter Wohlleben guides us through his most precious ideas and understanding of how trees work. Presenting ecological, biological and academic expertise with matter of fact candor, Peter inspires us to really see the forest for the trees.

We the Power

Feb. 25th - This inspiring and entertaining film highlights the citizen-led community-energy movement in Europe. The film chronicles four local dedicated cooperatives from deep in the Black Forest, to the streets of ancient Girona, to the urban rooftops of London, as they pave the way for a clean energy revolution to build healthier, financially-strong communities.

Who Are the Marcuses? - Hosted by the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities

March 3rd - The documentary looks at the lives of Holocaust survivors Lottie and Howard Marcus, an unassuming couple from Great Neck, N.Y. Their surprising donation of $500 million to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the academic Israeli institution furthers water technology research that inspires peace and climate action benefitting us all.

Thank you to our sponsors

River Action, Nahant Marsh, Sierra Club Eagle View Group, and the Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities
Kent & Judith Pilcher, John Gardner & Cathy Weideman, Katie & David Franks, Virdi Eye Clinic, Faye & Dana Waterman, Dr. Param & Armeet Singh, Jim Russell & Michelle Solis-Russell, Amir & Lisa Arbisser, Carolyn & Joseph Martin, Dan Portes & Judy Shawver, Cal & Jill Werner, David & Rene Gellerman, Kathryn & Lawrence Allen, Maria Waterman, Jerry Neff Memorial Fund/Sierra Club Eagle View Group, WVIK Quad Cities NPR, Glenn Peterson, Dr. Don Doucette, and Ms. Lynn Dranzinski

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