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Since River Action was founded 35 years ago, hundreds of goals have been achieved, thousands of volunteers energized, and hundreds of thousands of people enlisted in a shared mission: protecting and enhancing our Mississippi River and riverfront resources.

While it's satisfying to reflect on the organization's history and accomplishments, our focus remains on the issues and challenges ahead.

For example, the Upper Mississippi River Conference, now in its 11th year, pulls together business, industry, government and environmental groups to jointly address the broad issues of water quality, watershed management and flood resiliency.

One of our first goals - to create and link riverfront trails - has evolved into efforts to educate and motivate residents and visitors to enjoy the great recreational resources now available along our 65 miles of recreation trails and limitless river trails.

We expanded from land-based trail development to new efforts encouraging recreation on the river with events like Taming of the Slough Adventure Race and Floatzilla, and creation of a water trails guide.

Our work establishing the Channel Cat river taxi service has expanded as well. Environmental education tours called Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks are scheduled each year on topics ranging from I-74 bridge construction to Native American history and early immigrant settlement.

Our Retain the Rain program, one of the first organized efforts to address storm water runoff problems, has sold over 4,500 rain barrels to local residents and continues to encourage innovative storm water projects with area partners

In short, River Action remains committed to its core mission and is continually developing new programs to enhance our RiverWay environment.

Join with us in 2019 by donating for the first or the 35th time. We can't do it without your continued support!

Kathy Wine, Executive Director


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