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Support River Action by placing a winning bid on items in our online auction hosted on Funds raised through our auction support your favorite River Action programs and projects. The auction runs from October 9 through November 8. Check out our wide variety of 27 interesting and unique auction items. Click the link below and create an account to get in on the fun!

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Order a Floatzilla poster online!

Get your very own 24"x18" 2020 Floatzilla poster! $10 to have it mailed to you, or $5 if you want to pick it up at our office at 822 E. River Dr. in Davenport. Click the link below!

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Get a rain barrel in time for Fall rains!

Go green with a River Action rain barrel. Rain barrels are a great way to retain storm water during these rainy months. Order your 60-gallon, 100 percent recycled rain barrel online by clicking the link below. The order is in and we will let you know the day they come in if you pre-order a barrel now.


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Help build the iconic First Bridge to riverfront trail

Join with River Action to complete the First Bridge project, a pedestrian bridge spanning Davenport's River Drive and connecting the downtown to the Mississippi River Trail. Click on link below for more information.

This year's Eddy Award winners will be recognized at next year's Fish & Fire Friendraiser, April 23, 2021 at Figge Art Museum.

Read about the winners of River Action's 2020 Eddy Awards

Each year River Action honors special people and organizations in our community with Eddy Awards. The awards acknowledge those who act as an eddy – "going against the current" – to accomplish excellence on the Mississippi River in the areas of art, design, revitalization, river activity, education and stewardship..

2020 Eddy Award recipients

CLICK HERE for a map to our office.

822 E. River Dr., Davenport, IA 52803

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F


Phone: 563-322-2969

Upper Mississippi Webinar Series in Oct. & Nov.

In lieu of our Upper Mississippi River Conference, River Action is offering a series of 1-hour webinars on topics stakeholders will find informative and thought provoking. After registering, attendees will be sent a link by email to join the webinar prior to each session. Webinars will be held in October and November. Continuing Education Certificates will be available following each session upon request. Click below to learn about the webinar topics and reserve your spot!

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Recent News

Eddy Awards presented to community standouts

This year's Eddy Award winners will be recognized at next year's Fish & Fire Friendraiser, April 23, 2021 at Figge Art Museum.

Each year River Action honors individuals and organizations that best represent the spirit of true river action.

The "Eddy Awards" recognize those who go against the current, as in an eddy, to provide outstanding riverfront activity or development, well-designed and environmentally responsible.

2020 Eddy Award winners

Retain The Rain with a River Action rain barrel

Order a rain barrel now for just $80 online. Stop at our office, 822 E. River Dr., Davenport, IA 52803 for curbside pickup!

Every gallon of rainwater collected keeps it out of our already swollen rivers and streams, and potentially out of your basement or business. EVERY GALLON COUNTS!

CLICK HERE to purchase your rain barrel with a regular diverter [2X3 in. downspout].

CLICK HERE to purchase your rain barrel with a large diverter [3X4 in. downspout].

Rain barrels include a 60-gallon barrel, lid, mosquito netting, downspout diverter, spigot and two overflow attachments.

WHY? - Collected rainwater can be used to irrigate lawns, water landscape beds or wash cars. Rain barrels also reduce stormwater runoff lessening the impact on storm sewers, local streams, and rivers.

WHERE? - Barrels can then be picked up at our Davenport office: 822 E. River Drive (Please note we can not ship rain barrels).

Rain barrels are part of River Action's Retain the Rain program, an initiative to conserve water and lower flood levels in local rivers and streams.

Using a rain barrel is one of the simplest actions you can take to reduce runoff by collecting the rain that runs off your home.

HOW? - The diverter channels water into the barrel when needed, and fits all downspouts, metal or plastic. The barrels are 0.1875 thick recycled polyethylene and can be joined together with a garden hose. When the barrel is full, the diverter can be flipped up to a closed position to let the downspout function normally.

If you have questions call (563) 322-2969.

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