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Learn from experience: Theirs.

When they're not working at their interesting jobs, they are teaching them. You can take one-of-a-kind classes with distinguished professionals of the Quad Cities on the "Channel Cat Talks" and along the river on "Riverine Walks" through River Action's Summer Explore the River Education Series. Give yourself an education. *New for 2015 are headsets to improve the Channel Cat talks and select Riverine Walks experience!

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Bid on remaining Fish and Fire auction items

A few silent auction items from this year's Fish & Fire fundraiser remain. You can click on the links below to make a bid in our online silent auction. Click on "Read more" link to see full list.

Thank you to our Kickstarter campaign donors for new trail bridge over River Drive, Davenport

Our Kickstarter campaign in May was successful in raising more than $50,000 to help fund construction of a recreational trail bridge across River Drive in Davenport. The bridge design is patterned after the first railroad bridge crossing of the Mississippi River.

We would like to publicly thank our many Kickstarter campaign donors listed below:

  • Active Endeavors
  • Aeternitas Geneve
  • Alex McGill
  • Amy Wine
  • Andrew Gierke
  • Ann C Werner
  • Ann Werner
  • Barb Lowe
  • Barbara & Dick Sandberg
  • Becky Warren Perry
  • Beth Clark
  • Bill & Cindy Stinocher
  • Bill Boom
  • Bob Ontiveros
  • Brent Wessel
  • Bret McGreer
  • Brock Earnhardt
  • Carleton and Ann Toole
  • Carol L. Scharff
  • Catherine Tillberg
  • Chris and Mary Rayburn
  • Christopher Meyer
  • Cole
  • Curtis Lundy
  • Curtis Roseman
  • Cynthia Bottrell
  • Dan Garrett
  • Dana Good
  • Daniel Boysen
  • David Bergert
  • Dean E Piatt
  • Dean Mathias
  • Deb & Vince Viren
  • Denise Hollmer
  • DMW Design
  • Douglas Rick
  • Edward and Diana Jamieson
  • Eileen Sipes
  • Elizabeth Ehrecke
  • Eric & Anna Perry
  • Erik
  • Erik and Monica Belby
  • Erin Woods
  • Ferenc Beiwel
  • Gary Lane
  • Garya and Kris Herbst
  • George W. McDaniel
  • Greg and Judy Gackle
  • Helen Macalister
  • Indira Dingledine
  • J H Gardner
  • Jacob Hemenway
  • James Boland
  • James Standaert
  • Jane Broughton
  • Janice Welch
  • Jann Koert
  • Jarrod Reid
  • Jazzy Bear - Super Hero Playing Cards
  • Jeff Hill
  • Jen
  • Jerry & Julie Skalak
  • Jessica Flondro
  • Jim & Judy Smith
  • JJ Condon
  • Joedy Cook
  • John & Jaime Parkhurst
  • John & Marcia Wetzel
  • John and Kay Hall
  • John Decker
  • John Frueh
  • John Luxton
  • John Noonan
  • John Osen
  • John Weber
  • John Willard
  • Joseph & Lisa Miller
  • Joseph Chambers
  • Julie Wine Johnston
  • Karen Anderson
  • Karen Hetzler
  • Karen Moore
  • Katherine Shipley
  • Kathleen Lenaghan
  • Kathy Wine
  • Ken Garrison
  • Kent Crawford
  • Kevin Koski
  • Kirk Whalen
  • Kristin and John Swartzendruber
  • Larry Ervin
  • Larry Riney
  • Lee and Vicky McKnight
  • Lee Marbach
  • Leilani Smith
  • Leslie Scheck
  • Libbet Brooke
  • Linda Haller Barchman
  • Lisa Britt Cleve
  • Lisa Martin
  • Mahtab Ghamsari
  • Mallory Putman
  • Margy Hickerson
  • Marilyn Mitchem
  • Marilynn Bartels
  • Mark Ackelson
  • Mark Marogil
  • Mark Reick
  • Mark Wyatt
  • Marlena Harris
  • Mary Ann Engel
  • Mary Beth Eggers
  • Mary Cormier
  • Mary J. Thee
  • Mary Jo Southwick
  • Mary Mack Conger
  • MaryFran Payson
  • Matt Mendenhall
  • Melissa Shore
  • Michael & Hedy Hustedde
  • Mike Augspurger
  • Mike Turtle
  • Nancy Califf
  • Nancy M. Smith
  • Nathan Sipes
  • Neil Dahlstrom
  • Nick A. Tsacudakis
  • Norm & Mary Miller
  • Paddy and John Blackman
  • Patrick Dunn
  • Patrick Stolley
  • Paul & Karen Rohlf
  • Paul Appel
  • Paulette Ziesman McGreer
  • Pete
  • Pete Lardner
  • R Josef Hofmann
  • Rachel Evans
  • Randy and Marilyn Peters
  • Richard & Kay Patterson
  • Richard Moore
  • Robert Harker
  • Robert Lipnick
  • Ruth A Morris
  • Ryan Howell
  • Sara P
  • Sarah and Roger Lande
  • Sarah Ford
  • Scott Ferreira
  • Scott McCleary
  • Shawn Kilty
  • Sheila Lasley-Hall
  • Sheryl Hiatt
  • Stan Furlong
  • Stephanie Newell
  • Stephen Mueller
  • Steve & Barb Wright
  • Steve Ahrens
  • Steve Trainor
  • Steven Tondi
  • Sue A Smith
  • Susan Perry, Stan and Michael Goodyear
  • Suzanne Badley
  • Tarah
  • Terry O'Connell
  • Thais Rowland
  • Thomas Donahoe
  • Thomas Hepner
  • Thomas Van Hecke
  • Tim Nelson
  • Tom Minear
  • Tom Wine
  • Tony and Helen Schiltz
  • Tracy Dvorak
  • Tracy Robinson
  • Tracy Schwind
  • TWine
  • Vasili Karben
  • Vivian Norton
  • William Ashton
  • William C. Burns
  • Y & J Properties

You can still contribute to the bridge project.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to the project.

The bike/pedestrian bridge will cross River Drive at the same location as the first railroad bridge was built across the Mississippi River in 1856.

The bridge will connect the newly-built River Heritage Park along the riverfront with a developing neighborhood in downtown Davenport and a new YMCA. It will provide a much-needed safe link over the four-lane River Drive (U.S. Highway 67) and the railroad tracks on the south side of the roadway.

CLICK HERE for more information on the bridge project from the Quad City Times.


McKesson Lofts Green Roof Workshop Series to be offered April through October

River Action is partnering with the McKesson Lofts in Downtown Rock Island to maintain the building’s regionally unique green roof and to offer an on-going workshop series.

Beginning April 4 and continuing each month, the workshops will cover topics related to green infrastructure, urban conservation practices, urban horticulture, ecology and environment and urban sustainability.

The series will offer a unique opportunity to gain access to one of the few extensive green roof systems in the Quad Cities, and participants will get their hands dirty and experience green roof horticulture first hand.

Click here to download an overview of the green roof workshops with dates, times and location.


RiverWay Stories now airing on WVIK 90.3 FM

River Action and WVIK 90.3 FM Augustana Public Radio are partnering to offer an informative and educational program – "RiverWay Stories" – which airs each Saturday morning at 8:34 a.m. during the station's “Weekend Edition."

CLICK HERE to visit the WVIK web site and listen to the most recent RiverWay Stories.


Student Summit coming in October

River Action is proud to announce we will once again hold a special Student Summit as part of the 2015 Upper Mississippi River Conference.

The summit is open to all high school and college students and will focus on environmental issues and topics relevant to many areas of study.

The event will take place Wednesday, October 14 in the afternoon and evening. The summit is free to all students and includes a catfish fry. More details to follow.


RiverWay Design Principles

In 1996, the Quad Cities came together to adopt the Mississippi River Design Principles. These principles outlined a unified vision for the river in the QC area, focusing on four main points: Respect for the River, River Access, River Corridor Design, and River Interpretation.

The goal of the planning and its resulting document was to ensure and protect the sensitive balance between the region's economic engine and its biggest ecological resource.

The document prefaces much of the work that has been done by River Action and other partners to improve the riverfront and its RiverWay trail and park system throughout the Quad Cities.

To view the entire 88-page document, CLICK HERE


2015 Senior Citizens Golf Cart Tour registration now available online

Come join the fun on Thursday, September 3 by signing up for the 16th Annual Senior Citizens Riverfront Golf Cart Tours. Reservations are required and space is limited. The deadline for reservations is September 1!

The tours are Thursday, Sept. 3, and will use existing riverfront trails, and offer participants an opportunity to see and hear all that the riverfront has to offer from the front seat of a golf cart. This is a great opportunity to gain some knowledge on the past, present and future of many of our riverfront amenities in the Quad Cities. Tours fill up fast and carts are limited, so don't delay.

There are now six tours from which to choose. All tours are $12.50 per person and last approximately two hours. Tour times (except for Iowa Tour #1 and Tour Alpha) are 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The only times for Tour Alpha are 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Iowa Tour #1 is only available 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

{ Time slots now closed: all Iowa Alpha Tours, the 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Arsenal Tour #2, and the 9 a.m. Illinois Tour #4. }

CLICK HERE to REGISTER online for the 2015 golf cart tour.

CLICK HERE to VOLUNTEER for the riverfront golf cart tour.

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Learn more about the First Bridge project

We made our Kickstarter goal, but you can still help fund the rec trail bridge project

A total of $50,325 was donated to the pedestrian/bike bridge project during our Kickstarter campaign. If you'd like to help fund the pedestrian/bike project, you can still donate to the effort. Just click on the "Join Now" button below to make a contribution.